Wednesday, 30 July 2014

CREPE MYRTLE BY THE SEVERN, 16x12, oil, by Sharon Benner

I painted this looking up the shore line along the Severn River.  The day was mostly overcast with mild temperatures.  I really enjoyed standing alongside the river and listening to the waves lap at the shore.  I used my pallet knife to create the rich colors with a heavy impasto effect.  See more at



It was a breezy, comfortable day on the Chesapeake Bay on Tuesday. The sky was very evenly light, no bright sunshine and no moving clouds, changing the light-a pleasant, peaceful plein air experience.  

En Plein Air - by Debra Tritt Kreiger

 I found a inviting scene from Ceccila's daughters backyard overlooking the bay in Annapolis, MD.What a beautiful day. Many Thanks to Cecelia and her daughter for the invitation.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Seaside Shed by Julie Riker

8x10 oil

Thanks to Cecelia for arranging a lovely day for us to paint at her daughter's home near Annapolis! It's a lovely property - on a peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by water.  
I painted this outbuilding and made it my intention to keep the shadows high key as the whole scene was blown out by sunlight.  The only deep shadow is the interior of the shed seen through the one broken window pane.

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Saturday, 26 July 2014



The Conestoga House Gardens was our second stop on Wednesday. Again, the weather was hot and humid, but I found a shady spot near this pond. In the time we were there, I was able to get the whole composition down-most of the back and middleground and some of the foreground. I neeeded to do more detail work on the statuary and the flowers. My camera did not pick up the details or the different shades and tints in the begonias and leaves in my painting.

THE PRIVY By Cecelia Lyden


It was a very warm and humid day Wednesday, but the many large trees on President Buchanan's estate, Wheatland, provided us with enough shade and breezes to make it comfortable. The grounds were lovely and the peroid architecture made the buildings so interesting. This charming outbuilding, surrounded by daylilies and bathed in dappled sunlight, caught my eye immediately. I was surprised to learrn that it was a privy. I have never painted an outdoor bathroom before-probably never will again, either.  

Thursday, 24 July 2014

HONEYSUCKLE BY THE LAKE, 11x14, oil by Sharon Benner

This is a repost of a previous posting.  The first painting had  blue water, and a pink sky.  This can't happen because a large area of water is merely a mirror of what is above it.  In my hast to finish on a 90 degree day, I fell into old preconceived ideas that water is blue, trees are green and distance is cool blue.  I haven't been painting en plein air of late, and this is what happens!!!!  I think this painting is a better example of what I viewed yesterday morning.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

HONEYSUCKLE BY THE LAKE, 11x14, oil, by Sharon Benner

Today I painted at Codorus State Park.  The 7a.m. sky was unusually pink and I was home by 11a.m. to avoid the 90 degree forcast.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

"ROBIN'S GARDEN" An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

On June 28th I was honoured to be part of the Dillsburg Garden Tour as an artist painting at the home of Paul & Robin Eshbach.  I went to their home the week before the tour and took several photos.  The day of the tour the weather was perfect.  I was able to set up under their beautiful outdoor kitchen with a canopy. Considering the complexity of this landscape I was only able to complete one third of the painting on location.  I chatted with many people that were on the tour and Robin served a beautiful lunch for those that were helping at her home.  My husband and I were able to be a part of the Preview Party the evening before and did the garden tour with all the home owners that participated.  The homes were FABULOUS!  I would love to go back and paint at one of the other homes as well.  I have been so busy with visiting guests and vacation, I was finally able to get back to this today to finish it. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

'Lighthouse At Barcelona'
Westfield, New York
An Original Plein Air Oil Painting
by Claire Beadon Carnell

'Lighthouse at Barcelona'
Plein Air
Westfield, NY
© Claire Beadon Carnell
Oil on Linen Panel
10 x 8
On my very first day painting for the Westfield, NY
Plein Air Event, I went to Barcelona Harbor
and found this great little lighthouse.  The clouds
were in and out, but when they were out the light
that was striking the lighthouse was incredible.
Such a beautiful place, and I had such
an amazing time with the other artists who
were participating - I love my job!
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please visit my website or my blog. If you are
interested in purchasing any of my paintings you see
here on this blog, please contact me.

Claire Beadon Carnell
Member of:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

RED COLEUS By Cecelia Lyden


Wednesday was another beautiful day for painting outdoors. This time we were at Liz Gallucci's home on the Conodoguinet. The Creek was sparkling in the morning sun, but it was the bright red coleus in Liz's rock garden that caught my eye. Set between two of the many huge trees in her yard and in front of the creek, the garden was my inspiration for the day.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Back Alley by Julie Riker

9x12 oil
Today I went to Easton, MD to participate in the Quick Draw - one of the largest plein air events in the country.  There must have been close to 200 artists and I can't believe no one else spotted this charming scene tucked between 2 houses in a back alley.
I was happy that the painting was sold to a couple from New Hampshire.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Plein Air Easton!

So I am here in Easton MD, one of the largest plein air festivals in the country. Today is Wednesday, only two more days of painting! So far it has been very very exciting, I am bone tired, but am painting, painting, painting. I feel so honored to part of such a fantastic group of artists, really are the best of the best. I am with the "rock stars' of plein air! I will post more pictures of my paintings as soon as I can upload the pics!

"My Kind of Summer Camp",  6 x 8, oil on panel. SOLD

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fragrant Lilies by Julie Riker

11x14 oil

Cecelia's neighbor's garden is heavenly!
I stopped by to check it out - not even sure if I would paint - but the wonderful fragrance of the lilies kept me there!!  

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Thursday, 10 July 2014


oil/stretched canvas

Great day and special location for plein air painting-breeze blowing, birds tweeting, lilies sweet scent and sunshine with low humidity. There is still many varieties of lilies, ready to bloom. You have an open invitation to paint in the garden at 1807 High St. Camp Hill.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Just got a surprise check from the Art and Soul Gallery today. Didn't know Road to the River had sold. Thank you Lyn.


All sales are gratifying, but the sale of the Moody Horse Barn was especially pleasing , because a friend of the owner bought it as a gift and thank you for the"countless hours of friendship and horse instruction"she provided for her and her children. She and her two delightful children picked up the painting today. We had a very nice visit and she invited our group out to her farm in Dillsburg to paint some day.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Red Roses And Bunting by Julie Riker

8x6 oil
One of the paintings that I did as part of the Gettysburg Festival Plein Air Event - I was interested in the play between the crimson red bunting and the magenta red of the roses.

"Peaceful Farm View" by Susan Benigni Landis

                                                         12x24", oil on masonite
Last week, the views were wonderful at Moorestead Farm. There was so much to choose from as subject matter, but I decided to do a  broad view from the farm, since I had a large board with me and had set aside some extra time that morning. Thanks to Cecelia and the owner for this nice opportunity to paint "in peace"!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

"SUSAN'S GARDEN" An Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

One week ago our group was invited to the Moody Farm in Lewisberry.  There were so many wonderful spots to paint, but I was drawn to the backyard garden off of their deck.  It was so inviting and colourful.  Just where I would love to spend my morning sipping on my coffee and watching the birds and butterflies! Just when I was thinking it might be time for lunch, Susan's son came out with a platter of freshly made oatmeal raisin cookies.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  Thank you Moody family for inviting us to paint at your home!
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SO MUCH TALENT By Cecelia Lyden

I just took the time to visit our ARTISTS GALLERY and checked out all their links. WOW! We're a talented group. Time for me to get to work.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Forest Light by Julie Riker

Painted today with Beth and Jim near Gettysburg.
 I was happy to find this nice shady spot.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Shady Spot On The Porch by Julie Riker

6x8 oil

At the Moorestead Farm I decided to focus on the front porch. I was interested in the contrast of the cool shadow light on the porch vs. the warm outside light filtering in.  I liked the strong design created by the structure and the sunlight hitting the flag and swing.  It seemed like an ideal spot to hang out with a glass of lemonade.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


oil/stretched canvas

Yesterday was a near perfect day for plein air painting-tolerable temperature, sunshine with some clouds, historical structures, nestled in a picturesque location and several fellow artists. We all had different things to paint or different views, as with the spring house renderings on this blog. We will visit this farm in the Lisburn area again in the fall.

"Spring-House", Pastel, Tatiana Myers.

"Spring House", Pastel,
sanded paper, 8 x 10"

Yesterday we got to paint on beautiful old farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere...
I want to tell Thank You to Cecelia Layden for such a wonderful treat. I love it there.
Even I was planning to paint on Wednesday, my husband convinced me to go on Tuesday,
I have another planes, but worked around it..It was great we made it there, because
next day paint out was canceled due to the weather issues.
Work I did there might go down to history as "last painting of Wallis Belgium Mist" I ever did.
This wonderful paper is still out of stock everywhere due to production issues.
Here is some glance of my painting process... enjoy!

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"GARDEN OASIS" Original Pastel Painting by Clare Klaum

This was my quick draw painting from the Plein Air Camp Hill Festival in May 2014.  Two hours was not enough time for me to put in the detail that I wanted.  I finally had the time to go back and add more detail to this painting.  I loved this beautiful garden spot and wanted to do it justice.

Monday, 23 June 2014

"Summer Begins" by Larry Lerew

"Summer Begins" by Larry Lerew 
Acrylic on Canvas, 15" x 40" 
en Plein Air from our garden, Coreopsis
Art Log #140613

Had a most powerful inspiration to paint today but didn't want to travel so I headed outside with my sketchbook and realized what a wonderful blast of color was happening in our flower bed. I went back in and gathered a few things and began a four hour painting that had my full undivided attention. I painted my feelings of what I was seeing standing free at my easel and letting the paint flow through my brush. I love when my painting process consumes me.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Gettysburg event, Day 3.

"At The Plum Run"
8x10" Pastel.

Second day of Paint Out in Gettysburg turned to be total Wash Out.
I was going to participate in Quick Draw event, but it was just no way to work
with my pastels at downpour we got there...
So I was hoping to catch up on my painting on Friday...

 ...and this is how lovely our Friday drive was!...
Not much expectations. I was getting ready to paint IN my car,
if it what I have to do this day...

 When we arrived to the park, it was no more rain AND plenty of people.
Even several media guys wandering around,
taking pictures and recording us painting.

 Colors were outstanding out there... I totally enjoyed myself,
but would be even more happy, if it would be just not that hot!..
But we made it works somehow. At list it was no more rain.

 Myself and several more painters worked at Plum Run this afternoon
and everybody did beautiful job. It was hard not to get inspired!

 I finished my painting and framing right on place to the frame I had ready for yesterday's
Quick Draw event. On a way home I dropped both my paintings
to the Gettysburg College Alumni House, where they will be a part
of Plein Air exhibition.
Many paintings what are displayed there were painting during this event.

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The weather was "iffy", but the rain held off for the entire afternoon this past Sunday. It was a very delightful three and a half hours of painting in the Governor and Susan Corbett's lovely garden in Harrisburg. A few from our group, plus other artists, musicians and entertainers were there. Lots of friendly people, including the Govenor, his wife, Susan, and some old friends stopped by and chatted. I learned from Mrs. Corbett that I was painting her favorite viewof the garden with the River and distant hills behind. Govenor Corbett shared with me that he loved his residence, but the traffic noise on Front Street can sometimes be a problem. Around 4 o'clock, someone came around to warn us of approaching rain showers. It was time to go.